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Become a growth hacking marketer. Next-gen A/B testing, drip marketing workflows, effortless segmentation, real-time analytics & more— all at your fingertips.

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Optimize emails with next-gen A/B testing.

Test each & every aspect of your emails by creating unlimited variations with our A/B experiment platform. Using our unique optimization algorithm, we'll automatically pick the winner for you based on opens, clicks, conversions, or any other metric you choose.

Iterable experiment
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Send highly relevant messages with user segmentation.

Say goodbye to writing SQL queries. Use Iterable to elegantly segment subscribers into lists with our simple search groups and start delivering the most relevant messages to the right part of your audience.

Gain insights in real-time.

You shouldn't have to wait to receive data on the success of your email campaigns. With Iterable's analytics, feedback arrives instantaneously for faster, better decision-making and a tighter feedback loop.

Iterable analytics page

Iterable also features…

World-class deliverability

Iterable uses advanced email authentication techniques, inbox sampling, multiple dedicated IP addresses per sender & more to ensure the highest deliverability.

Mobile device and client previews

View email templates on an actual mobile device or specific email client to fully understand the end-user experience.

Campaign scheduling

Set up and schedule your email campaigns or individual messages in advance, and rest assured they will be delivered on time, every time.

WYSIWYG template editor

Our intuitive WYSIWYG template editor makes it super simple to import or edit templates, no HTML or CSS skills required.

Send-time optimization

Email delivery time matters. That's why we make it easy for you to schedule campaigns to be delivered at a specific time in a user's timezone.

Powerful integrations

Integrate with Google Analytics, Mixpanel,, Magento & more. Use our webhooks to easily power your email campaigns.

Modern, RESTful API

Our API was designed to be as flexible as possible, with clients for Scala, Java, Javascript, Ruby, PHP & more.

Unparalleled support

Should you run into issues or need help, our talented team is ready to go above and beyond to support you.

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