How to Standardize Marketing Messaging for Maximum Efficiency

Bridget Overson  • Associate Marketing Manager

Do you find yourself coding the same things over and over again? Do your company’s headers give you a headache? What do you do when your creative team decides they want to change that blue headline color yet again? Filled with tips you can implement in your multi-channel marketing program starting right now, this session will cover some of the different ways is using Iterable Snippets to simplify their template builds—not only to increase efficiency but also to strengthen brand adherence across multiple channels and campaigns. We’ll cover the basics, as well as more advanced solutions utilizing handlebars, data variables and positional parameters. In this session, we will show you some of our favorite ways to use Snippets that help us to simplify our team and cross-functional partners’ day-to-day work, and make the Iterable platform more accessible to other users—even those with no coding experience!