Activate Island by Iterable

Welcome to Activate Island, the virtual environment we’ve created to bring thousands of marketers together to experience Activate Live.

A creative space where dreamers, builders and makers of all great marketing campaigns can find inspiration and surprises around every corner!

Getting to Activate Island

*Firewalls can be an issue, minimum system requirements are Windows 7SP1+ or newer or Mac OSX 10.11 or newer. If you’re still experiencing issues, please contact your IT department for additional assistance.

  1. Install the Activate Island by Iterable application. *We’ve got a lot in store for you so this may take a little while the first time. Future launches will be much faster after the initial run.
  2. When the download is complete, double click the file to launch the installer, and follow the prompts on your screen. Find the application, Activate Island by Iterable, and double click to launch. Make sure to allow Activate Island to access your computer’s microphone so you can talk with other guests during the event.
  3. Click “Register” to set up a new account and fill in the required information. *Don’t forget to register using the same email address you used to register for Activate Live! When you’re finished select the “Register” button again to save.
  4. Login with your new Activate Island credentials and create your avatar! *Your avatar display name will be floating above your head as you navigate the island.

What to expect

Get your virtual shoes ready for an Activate adventure all around!

In addition to the curated content, we have special all-day experiences planned out for you including a rockin’ DJ who will be spinning tracks on the rooftop. No worries if you have two left feet, our virtual avatars never miss a beat.

If music isn’t your jam, make your way over to the experience rooms for a peaceful guided breathwork session and a massage therapy workshop. Say “aloha” to other conference attendees on your way there using the voice feature. To make the experience even better, we recommend you wear headphones or earbuds with a microphone.

Finally, stop by the Partner Pavilion for a chance to earn entries into our Peloton raffle! We’re helping you count your steps beyond the virtual screen.

Basic Controls

  • Navigation: Explore Activate Island using the arrow keys on your keyboard. If arrow keys aren’t your preference, move around by clicking the next location using your mouse and your avatar will do the walking for you!

    • Tip: Activate Island is huge! Teleport to new locations using the “GO TO” feature within the navigation bar located at the top left-hand corner of your screen. To look around, press the spacebar and move your mouse. To run, hold the shift button while walking.
  • Communication: Everyone has a voice on the Activate Island. Unmute yourself to chat with other attendees by clicking on “MIC IS OFF”. We recommend staying on mute when you’re not actively talking as everyone in your area can hear you!

    • Tip: Having a great conversation and want to take it outside? Areas outlined with blue lines/circles are there for you to use and have private conversations. Locate the nearest one around you using your map and hop on over.
  • Meeting Other Attendees: View all attendees in your area using the top left bar and select “Go To” once you’ve located your contact. Your avatar will automatically take you to where they are. To search the larger map, click the settings icon and “Find Users” to search by name. If they are not in your area, a menu with the option to send them a private chat will pop up.
  • Animation: Loving the conference and want a way to express it? Click on your name (top left) to see all the animations your avatar can do like Samba, cheer and even shake hands. Ready for a quick outfit change? Click “Change Avatar” to change your outfit.

    • Tip: If you need to get through a crowd, just walk through avatars.

Need additional help?

If you have any trouble accessing the platform, please reach out to us at