Morning Keynote

Adriana Gil Miner  • Chief Marketing Officer at Iterable

Andrew Boni  • Founder & CEO at Iterable

Jeff Samuels  • COO at Iterable

Robert Schroko  • VP of CRM, Audience Data Strategy, and Analytics/Research at A+E Networks

Sandrine Mangia-Park  • Chief Marketing Officer at Merryfield

Kicking off the day, Iterable co-founder and CEO Andrew Boni will highlight the state of marketing and how brands today are connecting with audiences in a joyful, individualized way. From there, Iterable CMO Adriana Gil Miner looks ahead to what’s next for marketing and how our view of the customer experience might need a new perspective to succeed. Closing out the session, Iterable COO Jeff Samuels will be joined on stage by Merryfield and A+E Networks to chat about what a joyful experience really means for today’s consumers.