Shifting From the Routine to a Future of Creativity and Compassion at Scale

Justin Zhu  • Co-Founder and CEO

Bela Stepanova  • VP, Product

We kick off Activate Live in style as Iterable’s co-founder and CEO, Justin Zhu, discusses how today’s growth marketing landscape came to be and what lies on the road ahead for marketers around the world. He’ll then dive into the role that automation and AI play in the future of growth marketing, from optimizing routine communications to driving compassion and human touch in customer journeys at scale. Iterable’s VP of Product, Bela Stepanova, will then give a behind-the-scenes look into our platform, with an exclusive demo you won’t want to miss. Especially in our current global environment, simplifying complexity and unleashing creativity is essential to accelerate brand innovation. In this opening keynote, you’ll learn how:
  • Brands at the forefront of growth marketing are building lifelong customer relationships
  • Marketing evolved from an age of expertise to an age of data
  • Automation and AI can bring the human back into marketing