Brand Building in the 21st Century

Jonathan Mildenhall  • Co-Founder and CEO

As one of the most respected practitioners in transformative branding, Jonathan Mildenhall brings a level of expertise and success that few others can match to help drive significant growth and financial value.  In this talk, Mildenhall presents the 4 Pillars of 21st Century Branding—a bespoke framework that clients can implement immediately. During this energizing session, Mildenhall illustrates how applying these four pillars to Airbnb helped create the most influential travel brand on the planet, recently valued at over $35 billion.  Attendees will see real-life examples through Mildenhall’s riveting case study on brand activity in each of his four pillars:
  • Purpose-led, ensuring the purpose transcends, but is not disconnected from, the business plan
  • Community-driven with aligned incentives across customers, investors & employees
  • Technology-enabled by a world-class, data-driven product
  • Narrative-based to unify all stakeholders with one shared and compelling story across all touchpoints