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Arpita Neelmegh's Archives

Arpita Neelmegh

Arpita Neelmegh leads Product Marketing at Iterable, helping B2C marketers achieve growth marketing excellence. She holds a Bachelors in Science from UCLA and has a diverse background in messaging, go-to-market strategy, competitive differentiation, product launches, and sales enablement. When Arpita isn't working, she enjoys singing at events and practicing yoga.


Iterable + Branch: Mobile Deep Linking and Attribution

When it comes to unifying the brand experience, marketers have a tough task ahead of them. Leading brands like Amazon, Nike, and Starbucks, have set the bar high, and marketers are feeling the pressure to exceed these expectations and leverage data in more meaningful ways to attract consumers. With the ubiquity of smartphones and the importance...


Customer Journey Mapping Just Got Better With Workflow Analytics

Orchestrating seamless customer journeys from activation to re-engagement is every marketer’s challenge. Whether you are designing promotional campaigns to nurture users or building cart abandonment campaigns to complete more checkouts, having the right growth marketing platform is the key to an effective messaging strategy. That’s why we built an intuitive customer journey builder: by using...


Maximize Your Mobile Marketing With Push Action Buttons

If you’re a brand looking to gain a competitive advantage when it comes to consumer mindshare, then you’ve got to have a bulletproof mobile marketing strategy as part of your approach to cross-channel engagement. When nearly 80% of all Americans own smartphones, it’s clear that marketers must evolve to meet consumer needs by engaging them on...