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Announcing Enhanced Integration With Crowdskout for SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is now one of the most powerful ways to facilitate conversations with consumers—in fact, one study reported that 98 percent of SMS messages are read within two minutes. This high level of engagement is especially important for non-profit organizations that must execute grassroots advocacy, garner support for political campaigns, and fundraise for specific...


33 Essential Omni-Channel Marketing Stats You Need to Know

In today’s Now Economy, consumers demand highly relevant and personalized experiences as they interact with brands on a multitude of devices. As their expectations increase, an omni-channel strategy becomes mission-critical for marketers. Savvy businesses are recognizing the dramatic impact that unifying all online and offline channels can have on their growth, and they’re taking hard...


Why You Won’t Want to Miss Iterable’s Debut Conference—Activate

Recently, renowned marketing expert Mark Schaefer declared, “Marketing has lost its way.” He identified the misuse of technology and the over-reliance on data and dashboards as the perpetrators of why marketing gets a bad rap. Too many of us are crunching the numbers rather than truly listening to what our customers want. We couldn’t agree...

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7 Growth Marketing Predictions for 2018

The New Year is the time of recharged energy, replenished budgets and ambitious resolutions. For those of us in marketing, January is also when we look toward the horizon, to spot the trends and technologies poised to send shockwaves through the industry in the year ahead. From dynamic content to demographic shifts, the predictions for...

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5 End-of-Year Tips to Become a Growth Marketing Hero

December is the perfect time to reflect on all that you’ve accomplished and determine how to take that excellence to the next level. With the holidays quickly approaching, we wanted to offer five practical tips to ensure your growth marketing success for the new year! 1. Learn from brands like you The best way to improve...

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Stop Spamming and Start Connecting With a Growth Marketing Platform

The past few years have seen a seismic shift in the ways that consumers interact with brands. The 24/7 energy for everything from e-commerce to delivery services to news outlets has increased exponentially — and that means customers’ expectations for how and how quickly businesses engage with them has risen dramatically as well. In today’s...

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The 4 Pieces of the Personalization Puzzle

For B2C marketers, what it means to personalize messaging has evolved significantly over the last decade. Years ago, consumers were excited to open emails which addressed them by their first name—an innovative practice at the time and quickly adopted as a new industry standard. Fast forward to today, the operating definition of personalization encompasses so...

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4 Post-Thanksgiving Tips to Revamp Your Marketing Strategy for the New Year

The holidays can be a bit stressful for everyone, from meal planning to gift giving, but marketers in retail and e-commerce experience the added pressure of making sure their campaigns run smoothly and successfully during one of the busiest shopping seasons in the U.S. This year’s Black Friday witnessed a record of $5 billion in...

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The 4 Things Consumers Expect From Brands in the Now Economy

Over the past decade, the rapid advancement of technology has created an unprecedented era where information is abundant and services are instantly available. This evolution has shifted how people live, shop and communicate: Traditional news outlets and social media now deliver breaking news 24/7 A ride to the airport is just a quick Uber or...