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Jordie van Rijn

Jordie van Rijn is an experienced email and marketing automation consultant. He is the founder of the international platform for Email and Marketing Automation Software selection and was recently chosen one of the 23 Thought Leaders Every Online Marketer Must Know on Huffington Post.

Growth Marketing

Slay the Urban Legends of ESP Selection

Maybe you’ve outgrown your current solution, you’re looking for more advanced functionality or you’re unhappy with the service or stability of your current platform. There are plenty of legitimate reasons to start your search for a new ESP and contemplate a switch—especially when your current provider is simply no longer a good fit. When shopping...

Growth Marketing

5 Inspiring Marketing Examples to Engage Your Best Customers

If you’re a smart marketer—and, of course, you are because you’re reading this article—then you know the upside to attract, grow and retain your Best Customer segment. Customer development is the key to higher lifetime value and more profits. In my last post, I discussed the way to set the stage for Best Customer success....

Growth Marketing

You Had Them at Hello: How to Retain Your Best Customers

Not all customers are created equal. There is always a segment that outperforms the average by a mile, bringing in significantly more revenue. Let’s call them your Best Customers. Focusing on this cohort is one of the smartest business moves you can make to increase customer lifetime value. I realize that attracting and retaining customers...