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Kath Pay

Kath lives and breathes email marketing and is recognized as one of the UK’s leading email marketers. As CEO of Holistic Email Marketing, she devotes her time to developlng customer-centric e-commerce journeys using a holistic, multi-channel approach. A thought leader and industry veteran of over 18 years, Kath is a regular author, expert contributor, international conference speaker, and trainer.

Growth Marketing

9 Must-Have Lifecycle Email Marketing Programs for Retailers

Your customers are not “one size fits all.” Your email marketing shouldn’t assume they are, but that’s what happens when you only send broadcast messages (“one to everybody”). Segmentation is one way to make your messages more relevant. But, tying your email messages to different experiences in your customer’s lifecycle with your brand helps you...

Growth Marketing

Successful Split Tests: 4 Steps to Effective Email Experiments

Whether you're new to testing or looking to level up your game, this post will help you create email experiments that will give you the greatest insight.

Growth Marketing

3 Email Urban Legends, Busted!

In the 20+ years since email proved itself as a worthy channel for messaging and marketing, we still don’t have a single set of guidelines that’s accessible for all, for the best way to conduct business with it. For many of us, “best practices” fill that knowledge gap. So, we latch onto these concepts when...

Growth Marketing

4 Overlooked (but Valuable) E-Commerce Segments to Target

Once you master the basics of personalization, you can use your data to identify customer segments who frequently get overlooked in standard segmentation models and then create messages or programs to appeal to them. This more sophisticated messaging strategy serves two purposes: First, these targeted messages will be even more relevant and useful to these...


Personalization: It’s Both an Art and a Science

As marketers, we focus almost exclusively on the science of personalization—gathering the data, setting up segments and triggers, figuring out the mechanics of automating emails, creating and testing the email content and coordinating with other channels to create an omni-channel approach. We aren’t as well versed in the art of personalization—the ideas and practices that...


3 Steps to Put Marketing Back Into Omni-Channel Marketing

The joy of omni-channel marketing is that it gives us many opportunities to connect with customers all along their journeys with our brands. Too often, though, we focus on the channels themselves and not on the strategies that drive the way we use those channels to achieve our marketing and business objectives. Even with technology...