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Katie White

Katie White is Associate Director, Travel & Hospitality, at Movable Ink. Katie has spent the majority of her career in Travel & Hospitality, driving strategy for guest engagement programs at both Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants and HotelTonight. Most recently, Katie led the international Engagement Marketing Team at HotelTonight while working cross-functionally to advance consumer learning, product enhancements, and retention initiatives. Prior to HotelTonight, she drove co-marketing strategy for over 25 partners at Google Express. Katie’s passion for travel runs deep and before landing at Movable Ink as Associate Director of the Accelerate team’s Travel & Hospitality practice, she spent 8 months exploring the world.


Why Intelligent Creative Is the Key to 1-to-1 Travel Marketing

At this point, travel marketers acknowledge that booking decisions are no longer a straight line. Gone are the days of travel agents telling you exactly where to go and how to get there. Today’s traveler crowdsources recommendations and relies on cross-device, multi-session browsing before tapping “confirm”. In order to stay top of mind and convert...