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Rachel Wedlund's Archives

Rachel Wedlund

Rachel Wedlund is an experienced content strategist. She creates intuitive customer journeys for fast-growing software startups, nonprofits and agencies. She currently writes about direct mail, content marketing and digital marketing trends for Inkit.


Direct Mail and Mobile Marketing: A Perfect Match

It may seem like an odd coupling, but the combination of direct mail and mobile marketing is an ideal merger of high-value messaging.


5 Reasons to Add Direct Mail to Your Marketing Budget

Annual marketing budget planning can be tricky. You’ve got to predict ways to stay on the cutting edge, incorporate emerging innovations, stand out from your competitors and—the big one—yield a return on investment. Direct mail marketing may be the last channel on your mind when strategizing for the upcoming year, but ignoring this channel in...


Leveraging Dynamic Direct Mail to Boost Your Digital Strategy

Pop Quiz: What do Stitch Fix, Primary, Bite Squad, LendingClub and HelloFresh all have in common? Yes, they’re all e-commerce brands. But there’s more. They’re e-commerce brands that use variable data to mail targeted or dynamic postcards. Why, you ask? Isn’t the clientele of an e-commerce brand more likely to respond to digital ads than personalized...


Direct Mail Automation vs. Email: Knowing When to Send Which

If you compared the direct mail you receive year-over-year, the evolution in content may surprise you. In fact, I bet the postcards in your mailbox today appeal to your interests better than last year’s mail. There is one simple reason for this: direct mail automation. Until recently, it just wasn’t feasible for marketers to send...


Adding Triggered Direct Mail to Your Omni-Channel Strategy

As omni-channel marketing becomes the new standard, many marketers consider direct mail outdated. But with advances in personalization, QR codes, personalized URLs and continued high performance—and the ability to sync direct mail with Iterable workflows—the channel is anything but old school. In fact, direct mail is more relevant, customer-focused and timely than ever before. No...