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Sophia Le

Sophia Le is a consultant who helps high-growth startups nurture leads & close sales with email. She loves teaching growth marketers how to apply the psychology of persuasion to email campaigns and has been featured on CopyHackers and Skillshare.


How to Use Mobile Push to Build User Habits & Brand Loyalty

When I last wrote about the power of mobile push notifications, I said the following: Users must find value in what you’re sending. In other words, it’s all about the user. Personalize it, make it short and sweet, and assume they are not 100% engaged the same way they would be if reading an email....


How 4 Leading Brands Engage Customers With Mobile Push

When it comes to creating a successful mobile push messaging program, it all comes down to one core principle: Customers must find value in what you’re sending. Obvious? Probably. But let me explain further. A brand-new user to your mobile app will not hit the “Allow Notifications” button unless they know what information they’re signing...


Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Getting Started With Web Push

It’s impossible to browse an e-commerce or consumer website on your desktop… And NOT be asked if you want web push notifications. I’m an email gal. I JUST embraced in-app messaging. Plus, the last thing I want is to be bombarded by yet more pop-ups in my browser. BUT. I’m also a marketer. And like...


Turn Users Into Customers With 
In-App Messaging

For years, the in-app message terrified me. I grew up typing my middle school essays on Microsoft Office, and there was nothing I loathed more than Clippy, one of the earliest attempts to make software more user-friendly. To be fair, I wasn’t the only one… “Clippy was ‘optimized for first use:’ amusing the first time...

Growth Marketing

The 3 Re-Engagement Mistakes Most Marketers Make

If you have inactive subscribers on your email list, it’s generally a good practice to win them back with a re-engagement campaign. However, customers receive over 10,000 brand messages a day. It’s hard to get your message to stand out from the crowd—especially if marketers are spamming customers with irrelevant offers. How do I know? Because...