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Sophia Le

Sophia Le is a consultant who helps high-growth startups nurture leads & close sales with email. She loves teaching growth marketers how to apply the psychology of persuasion to email campaigns and has been featured on CopyHackers and Skillshare.


Ask Yourself These 5 Questions Before Getting Started With Web Push

It’s impossible to browse an e-commerce or consumer website on your desktop… And NOT be asked if you want web push notifications. I’m an email gal. I JUST embraced in-app messaging. Plus, the last thing I want is to be bombarded by yet more pop-ups in my browser. BUT. I’m also a marketer. And like...


Turn Users Into Customers With 
In-App Messaging

For years, the in-app message terrified me. I grew up typing my middle school essays on Microsoft Office, and there was nothing I loathed more than Clippy, one of the earliest attempts to make software more user-friendly. To be fair, I wasn’t the only one… “Clippy was ‘optimized for first use:’ amusing the first time...

Growth Marketing

The 3 Re-Engagement Mistakes Most Marketers Make

If you have inactive subscribers on your email list, it’s generally a good practice to win them back with a re-engagement campaign. However, customers receive over 10,000 brand messages a day. It’s hard to get your message to stand out from the crowd—especially if marketers are spamming customers with irrelevant offers. How do I know? Because...