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Tim Watson

Tim Watson is an Email Marketing Consultant at Zettasphere. He focuses exclusively on email and has amassed 14 years of email marketing experience across B2B and B2C brands, with volumes up to 90 million/month. He uses a heavily data-driven approach, seeking evidence to guide strategic decisions.

Growth Marketing

4 Foundational Roadblocks to Successful A/B Testing

Does your test strategy miss out on success because of flaws in how testing is approached? Most advice about email testing focuses on specific tests rather than email test strategy. Success means testing the right things the right way. It’s not hard to learn: read on for four foundational roadblocks to the right way to...

Growth Marketing

Avoid These 5 Mistakes of Cart Abandonment Campaigns

Repeated analysis shows that the majority of shoppers who add items to their cart on your site won’t actually buy. One study across 500 leading brands puts the cart abandonment rate at 75%. It’s no secret that implementing a cart abandonment campaign recovers some of that otherwise lost revenue—up to 60% of messages can result...

Growth Marketing

Are You Distracted by the Wrong Email Metrics?

Too many email metrics and not enough insight? It can be confusing. Here’s a list of email metrics that marketers are often told to use: Open, click, and click-to-open rates Hard and soft bounce rates Unsubscribe and complaint rates List size and list growth rate Inbox placement Delivery rate Conversion rate Revenue and revenue per...