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The Growth Marketer's Guide to:

Shopping Cart Abandonment Campaigns

Get tips on creating high-performing shopping cart abandonment campaigns that boost revenue with our guide. Here's what you'll find inside:

  • A framework for cart abandonment campaigns
  • Signals and levers available for your campaigns
  • Best practices for implementing and testing
  • Steps to get started with cart abandonment
Increase conversions by segmenting off any criteria or customer behavior across your website or mobile app. Send targeted messages by segmenting off cart value, cart size, new versus returning customers, and any other user behavior.
How Iterable simplifies cart abandonment creation & increases effectiveness
Easily personalize messages using fields from user profiles and data feeds. Automatically populate emails or push notifications with custom offers, cart contents, and product recommendations.
Build workflows for your messages in minutes without any code or queries. Send the right type of offer by creating a separate series of messages for high value carts versus low value carts. Easily kick off actions, introduce delays, and filter users to reach them at the right time with the most relevant message.
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