On-Demand Webinar

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Tips for Mastering Omni-Channel Promotional Campaigns

On-Demand Webinar

Duration:  45 minutes plus Q&A

Whether you’re launching a new product or generating buzz for your next big event, you have got to promote. As P.T. Barnum – founder of the Barnum & Bailey Circus – once put it, “Without promotion, something terrible happens... Nothing!

Watch episode 2 of ‘The Omnivore’ webinar series, where we will cover best practices and tips for delivering compelling promotional campaigns – seamlessly across channels. You will come away with: 

Steps you can take to immediately increase the value and impact of your promotional messaging

Tips for maximizing engagement and conversion rates across email, sms, push, social, and direct mail

Noteworthy examples of how some of today’s top brands are using multiple channels to promote


Stephanie Robotham  |  Chief Marketing Officer

As CMO at Iterable, Stephanie is fortunate to work with some of today's most iconic B2C brands on the evolution of their growth marketing strategies. She also brings extensive B2B domain expertise having worked for category defining technology companies like Salesforce and Optimizely.

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