Connect and Collect: Propelling Customer Journeys with the Power of Automation

Nate Casimiro  • Senior Marketing Operations Specialist at StreetEasy

Are you pushing the limits of Iterable’s automation toolset? If your small-but-mighty marketing squad has limited engineering resources, then it’s vital to utilize catalogs, data feeds, and third-party platforms to automate workflows.

No one knows this better than the team at StreetEasy. With more than 12 catalogs and data feeds in production, StreetEasy delivers over 80 million hyper-personalized campaigns each month to their audiences — without lifting a finger

Join StreetEasy's Senior Marketing Operations Specialist, Nate Casimiro, in this session to discover how to trigger journeys and populate campaign templates using cost-effective platforms and minimal resources, all while reducing manual efforts and driving impactful, personalized customer journeys.