Tech Stack Upgrades: Seeing Beyond The Status Quo

Alex Haley  • Principal Game Operations Manager at Product Madness

Eloise Shuttleworth  • VP of Customer Success at Iterable

There comes a point when a team outgrows its tech stack. With easier-faster-better tools and applications hitting the market all the time, you don’t just want to keep up — you want to evolve your marketing alongside the innovations. Tune in for a Virtual Fireside Chat with Product Madness about its transition from an in-house tech stack to a third-party solution: Iterable. Principal Game Operations Manager, Alex Haley, joins Iterable’s own VP of Customer Success, El Shuttleworth, for a discussion about making the change — what to consider, how to get internal buy-in, and how excited you’ll be when the new tools you’ve chosen help your team crush KPIs.