The 2021 Outlook: Five Data-Driven Marketing Predictions
The 2021 Outlook: Five Data-Driven Marketing Predictions
  • On-demand
  • 30 Minutes
The Iterable team is kicking off the new year by providing marketers with a glimpse into the future, based on our latest survey research.
Alyssa and Wayne will debut our top findings and reveal our hottest marketing predictions.
If you want to drive your 2021 strategy with real data and not just crystal-ball commentary, watch this can’t-miss webinar.
The panellists explore:
  • Top business concerns for marketers and how the ongoing pandemic has affected them
  • The real deal behind artificial intelligence
  • Real-life examples of email, mobile and cross-channel campaigns that we love



Alyssa Jarrett

Director, Brand & Content Marketing

Wayne Coburn

Director of Product, Analytics & AI
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