Campaigns Out of Tune? The 4 Instrumental Campaigns for a Harmonized CX
Campaigns Out of Tune? The 4 Instrumental Campaigns for a Harmonized CX
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  • 30 Minutes

Is your messaging off pitch? Cross-channel experiences not staying on rhythm? At Iterable, we believe that personalization and cross-channel experiences are the two keys to a perfectly harmonized experience. In this session, we break down four essential campaigns to help you begin harmonizing your customer experience to have your audience singing your praises.

To help you find the right melody, we’ve sat down with Jasmine Hajjari, Loyalty and CRM Manager at Smoothie King and our very own Tasmin Singh, Manager, Customer Success at Iterable to walk you through best practices and real life examples.

You’ll come away with:

  • Best practices for Welcome, Promotional, Abandonment, and Re-engagement Campaigns
  • Real life examples of brands currently harmonizing their customer experience
  • Data-backed findings providing actionable insights for your brand today

Begin executing on these tips and tricks today by downloading our Cross-Channel Harmonization Checklist.



Tasmin Singh

Manager, Customer Success

Jasmine Hajjari

Loyalty and CRM Manager
Smoothie King
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