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Celebrate Iterable’s 5th Birthday at Activate

It’s our 5th birthday, so we’re having a party and you’re invited! Join us at Activate, on April 3rd, in San Francisco as we and our visionary ...


How Swish Helps Users Master Their Money With Iterable

Most budgeting apps fail because they require so much work. Users eventually tire of them. At Swish, habit formation is the pièce de résistance ...


Adding Triggered Direct Mail to Your Omni-Channel Strategy

As omni-channel marketing becomes the new standard, many marketers consider direct mail outdated. But with advances in personalization, QR codes, ...

The No-Nonsense Guide to Achieving Omni-Channel Relevance

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Growth Marketing

The 3 Re-Engagement Mistakes Most Marketers Make

If you have inactive subscribers on your email list, it’s generally a good practice to win them back with a re-engagement campaign. However, ...


eTail West 2018: Our Top Three Takeaways

And just like that—after a whirlwind of excitement, eTail West 2018 has ended! Our team had an amazing time speaking to marketers from the ...

Growth Marketing

Are You Distracted by the Wrong Email Metrics?

Too many email metrics and not enough insight? It can be confusing. Here’s a list of email metrics that marketers are often told to use: Open, ...


Join Iterable for BBQ and Best Practices at SXSW 2018

Mark your calendars, because Iterable is bringing the southern charm to SXSW 2018! We’ll be in Austin from Mar. 12-14, so if you’re interested in ...


Announcing Our Keynote Speakers and Top Sessions at Activate

We hope that you have your calendars marked, because we’re only weeks away from the premiere of Activate, Iterable’s debut omni-channel marketing ...

Growth Marketing

How to Add St. Patrick’s Day to Your Holiday Marketing Strategy

Holiday marketing covers more than the wild-and-crazy days from Cyber Week to New Year’s Day. That’s because holidays like ...


Ask the Iterable Experts: February Demo Recap

Ask the experts! To recap our February demo, solutions consultant, Carter Hickingbotham, accompanied our product marketing manager, Arpita ...

The Growth Marketer’s Guide to Education

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Share the Love: Iterable Wants Your Guest Blog Submissions

At Iterable, we’re proud to advocate for the growth marketing community. Every day we’re learning from the best and brightest, whether it’s with ...

Growth Marketing

Avoid These 6 Personalization Mistakes at All Costs

The basis of any great customer experience isn’t complex or groundbreaking. It’s not even new. It’s simply treating your customers as ...

Growth Marketing

How 4 Small Steps Make a Big Difference in Email Deliverability

I suspect you’d be hard-pressed to find someone more data-driven than growth and email marketers. That empirical quality is one reason marketers ...


Meet the Iterable Team at eTail West 2018

eTail West 2018 is only a few weeks away, and we’re excited to rub shoulders with the best retail and e-commerce brands at this leading ...

The Omni-Channel Maturity Assessment

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Growth Marketing

4 Ways to Make Interactive Email Actionable

For many e-commerce brands struggling to improve customer engagement and increase ROI, email marketing is often considered a passive experience. ...

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