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Build Your Expertise

Iterable is committed to growing your marketing and Iterable expertise. We understand people learn in different ways, below are a few options for you!


Learn how to manage your Iterable account, send messages, run experiments, set up mobile apps, integrate 3rd-party tools, open a support case, and more.

The Iterable Community i

Gain access to thousands of marketers just like you—share best practices, learn how to take advantage of new products, and hear from industry experts.

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Academy i

Access video-based training courses to learn how to use Iterable. Become an expert in no-time.

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API Documentation

Read about and experiment with Iterable’s API, which can be used to send messages, track events, update user data, manage lists, and more.

Mobile Docs

Explore our guides for mobile developers to learn about our SDK, event tracking, push notifications, deep links, in-app notifications, and more.

System Status

View real-time and historical data on Iterable’s system performance.

Company Blog

Explore posts on growth marketing best practices, cross-channel marketing strategies, company news and product announcements.

Engineering Blog

Our engineering team shares their thoughts around building the features that power the Iterable platform.

Resources Library

Learn more about growth marketing and further refine your campaign strategies with our whitepapers, webinars, videos, and more.