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What’s New in Iterable

Explore new mobile capabilities that drive loyalty and revenue across channels.

Iterable’s Fall Release unveils new innovations, including Iterable SMS with simplified pricing, AI-powered Channel Optimization, In-Browser Messaging, Custom Send Control, and other new features designed to activate exceptional cross-channel capabilities and create lifelong customers.

Drive loyalty and revenue with dynamic, deeply personalized SMS/MMS campaigns

NEW Iterable SMS is an integrated solution that enables you to quickly reach customers across their whole lifecycle – from acquisition to retention to revenue. By bringing together market leading SMS/MMS functionality with real-time customer data and channel orchestration, Iterable SMS closes the ever-problematic activation gap, making it easier than ever to create joyful SMS experiences that move seamlessly across channels. And with a simplified pricing model, with no hidden fees, duplicated changes or additional reconciliation, marketers can quickly set up a more cost-efficient SMS program and spend less time worrying about cost and complexity.

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Message customers when and where they’re most likely to convert

Take the guesswork out of where customers are likely to convert with Channel Optimization, an AI-powered feature that determines which channel will drive the highest performance for each user based on predictive analyses of past response data and recent behavior signals.

In-Browser Messaging lets you streamline customer connections and increase website conversion with personalized browser messages based on a customer’s unique custom event data. So regardless of which device  customers are using, you can deliver customized and targeted content that enriches their experience with your brand.

Create Dynamic Experiences with Hyper-Customized Delivery Controls

Leverage the full power of Iterable for campaign creation and journey orchestration while retaining control over final processing and delivery of email campaigns with Custom Send Control. Plus, with UserID-based Projects, marketers can use their own unique identifiers, consolidate multiple UserID’s under a single user, and manage users anonymously. With more control over user identification and management, marketers can drive more personalized engagement with customers, and even more efficiently with new Studio enhancements including being able to revert back to a previous version with Version History, control when users should be exited from the journey with Exit Rules, and iterating on high performing journeys across one project to another with Cross-Project Journey Copying. 

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AI Optimization Suite: New AI Optimization Suite

Your Data. Your Goals. Bring them together to get the most flexible AI solution in the market. With the Iterable AI Optimization Suite, you can customize your goals based on YOUR unique business needs—from individualized onboarding to ensuring customer retention and loyalty. Build Predictive Goals based on any stored custom event, system event, or user profile field to create audience high performing audience segments. And with the Predictive Goal’s Explainable AI feature, you can see what behaviors drive the prediction to create more individualized messaging and journeys. The AI Optimization Suite brings together Iterable’s new Predictive Goals with Explainable AI, and existing Iterable AI tools, including Brand Affinity™ and Send Time Optimization.

Optimize with Deeper Insights

With our new Audience Insights, you can understand what is driving campaign performance. Understand the device, demographic, engagement and Brand Affinity metrics for all lists to inform messaging strategies and drive better outcomes. And with our expanded early access to our Snowflake integration you can replace costly ETL processing and easily join Iterable system data across channels with other Snowflake data sources to gain a comprehensive view of your business.


Create the inroads of engagement and unforgettable experiences. Dream it, think it, frame it, do it. Design sophisticated, interaction-based journeys that respond to your customers’ every move inside Studio. Plot the course, deliver the content and grow engagement as experiences unfold.

AI Optimization Suite: New AI Optimization Suite