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What’s New in Iterable

Iterable Helps Brands Boost Global Engagement With New Capabilities

With the Summer Release, Iterable provides the easiest and most secure way to connect with global audiences at scale and adapt content to their specific location while also optimizing the frequency and timing of every message sent, ultimately skyrocketing engagement and increasing global ROI.

Iterable Expands Global SMS Services

Iterable SMS just got even better with availability in 30+ countries and a powerful, integrated shortlink builder that allows marketers to easily attribute revenue to—and prove the ROI of—SMS campaigns. Leveraging the full power of the Iterable platform, you can build dynamic audiences based on SMS engagement and behavioral data to target audiences in real time across the customer lifecycle, all with built-in compliance.

Iterable’s Locales Makes Campaign Localization a Breeze

Connecting with global audiences and personalizing for each region is now easier than ever. Our new Default Locales introduces flexibility to support configuring the default locale per campaign or template without needing to manually build out new journeys, ensuring your audience always receives the right content, no matter where in the world they are.

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Intelligently Optimize Message Frequency Using AI

Iterable’s new capabilities within Frequency Management remove the blockers that prevent marketers from sending the optimal amount of messages and uses AI to help marketers intelligently manage the amount of messages sent. Iterable’s AI-powered Frequency Optimization eliminates message fatigue, reduces churn, and improves overall engagement. Message sends are optimized at the user level, which creates a more personalized user experience and maximized message impact.

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Enhanced Global Security and Compliance

Coming this fall, Iterable customers will be able to store and process data within the EU on our new Ireland-based data center. With increased compliance, reduced latency, and improved reliability, EU-based and multinational companies can be confident that they are operating at the highest levels of security and strengthening trust with their customers.

Other Product Updates Available Now:

Campaign Modernization: Welcome to the new campaign creation flow! These updates include a modernized campaign creation flow, new design, and more scheduling options. 

Message Channels and Message Types: An updated and more modernized look and feel for message channels and message types settings page. To check it out, log in to Iterable and head to Settings > Message Channels and Types.

Snowflake Data Share Event Updates: Snowflake Data Sharing now offers eligible customers secure access to new event data directly in their Snowflake instance. 

Studio Start Tile Refresh: More easily select the entry source, and additional entry rules are updated to be appropriate to the selection. Set scheduled journeys to not repeat, and scheduling selections are more intuitive and match up with the new campaign flow.

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Iterable’s AI Suite Takes Time Savings and Efficiency to New Highs

Iterable’s AI Suite just got better with the addition of Next Best Action. You can now build campaigns more quickly and effectively than ever before with AI-powered audience recommendations and pre-populated copy suggestions that help you determine the next best action to engage your customers. We’ll also help you eliminate writer’s block with our all-new generative AI tool, Copy Assist! Leveraging our Frequency Optimization feature, you can optimize the number of messages sent to each user, maximizing impact with minimal input.

A New Generation of In-App Messaging

Introducing Embedded Messages: the ultimate solution for marketers seeking to maximize in-app and website communications to drive growth. You can now effortlessly integrate native message placements that dynamically adapt to individual user data, no coding required! Our marketer-friendly, pre-built templates include scrolling carousels, hero banners, feeds, and custom notification centers, making it easier than ever to create stunning, personalized communications. And that’s not all! We’re thrilled to announce our newest platform integration with Roku, expanding the reach of your app users like never before.

New Flexible Campaign Workflow for the Modern Marketer

We’ve completely modernized the campaign creation workflow, making it more flexible than ever before. Our latest update includes a non-linear campaign setup that allows you to build campaigns in any order you want. Whether you want to select the audience first, or build out the messaging first, the choice is yours—no more feeling restricted by a linear workflow. Plus, our redesigned Audience Selection Tools make it easier than ever to target exactly the right people. Leveraging our streamlined Send Time Settings, you can optimize your send time and even include Quiet Hours, ensuring your message is delivered at the perfect time for each individual user.

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