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What’s New in Iterable

Unlock a new level of personalization and individualized communications with Iterable’s AI Optimization Suite, All New Content Creation Experience, Mobile Enhancements, Audience-Level Insights, and More.

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New AI Optimization Suite

Your Data. Your Goals. Bring them together to get the most flexible AI solution in the market. With the Iterable AI Optimization Suite, you can customize your goals based on YOUR unique business needs—from individualized onboarding to ensuring customer retention and loyalty.

Build Predictive Goals based on any stored custom event, system event, or user profile field to create high performing audience segments. And with the Predictive Goal’s Explainable AI feature, you can see what behaviors drive the prediction to create more individualized messaging and journeys. The AI Optimization Suite brings together Iterable’s new Predictive Goals with Explainable AI, and existing Iterable AI tools, including Brand Affinity™ and Send Time Optimization.

Create Individualized Experiences at Scale

Craft and automate your 1:1 user journeys quickly and efficiently with dynamic content. With our new easy-to-use features in Studio, your individualized experiences become that much easier when you can build once, edit quickly, and repeat often across channels:

  • Tilesets, an efficient game-changer that lets you save and reuse high performing parts of existing journeys and apply them to new ones for fast set up.
  • Exit Rules Set rules to remove users from automated journeys based on behavioral data.
  • New Template Experience: Easily preview versions of dynamic content across all messaging channels before you launch the campaign.

Capture and Activate More Mobile Data

Our latest mobile enhancements ensure you stay in tune and connected with your audience. Capture mobile event data anytime, anywhere even when your users are offline. Pause messages from sending during Quiet Hours or recall in-app messages when it’s no longer relevant to your campaign or audience. We give you the tools to add individualized touches to your customers’ mobile experience, so they continue to stay connected with your brand, when and where they need it.

Optimize with deeper insights

With our new Audience Insights, you can understand what is driving campaign performance. Understand the device, demographic, engagement and Brand Affinity metrics for all lists to inform messaging strategies and drive better outcomes. And with our expanded early access to our Snowflake integration you can replace costly ETL processing and easily join Iterable system data across channels with other Snowflake data sources to gain a comprehensive view of your business.

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Create the inroads of engagement and unforgettable experiences. Dream it, think it, frame it, do it. Design sophisticated, interaction-based journeys that respond to your customers’ every move inside Studio. Plot the course, deliver the content and grow engagement as experiences unfold.

Native Web In-App

Enrich your websites with personalized messaging possibilities. Web In-App captures attention and cultivates engagement as users explore your websites. Highlight individualized interests, preferences, or elements of their unfolding experiences inside customizable modals that harmoniously resonate with your cross-channel messaging.

New SMS / MMS Partner: Telnyx

You now have more options, flexibility, and pricing alternatives for your SMS and MMS sends globally. Seamlessly leverage Telnyx’s carrier-grade messaging solutions to send SMS campaigns to over 230 countries – all within Iterable.