Iterable is the growth marketing platform that powers true omni-channel relevance at scale

Iterable automates campaigns through a visual, drag-and-drop workflow, activates on any type of internal and external customer data and allows marketers to personalize messaging at scale across multiple channels.

Unified Omni-Channel Engagement

Iterable supports true omni-channel messaging, including email, SMS, rich push, in-app messaging, web push, direct mail and social media.

Data-Activated Campaigns

You don’t have to worry about data limitations or a rigid data architecture.

Iterable was built with a modern, elastic architecture that allows any data source to automatically trigger specific steps and actions, personalized messaging and strategic marketing campaigns.

You can now activate personalized messaging and campaigns on almost any customer data source.

Dynamic, 1-to-1, Behavior-Based Personalization

Today, marketers need to create omni-channel relevance at scale, and the key to creating relevance is leveraging customer data for personalization.

With Iterable, you can automatically send messages across all channels based upon the actions and behaviors of your customers.

Our rules studio also supports dynamic segmentation, so you can create personalized customer segmentations without manual intervention.

Easy to Use, yet Powerful

No more worrying about needing to know SQL or custom scripting to create and manage campaigns.

Iterable’s highly visual, drag-and-drop Workflow Studio allows marketers like you to incorporate filters, delays, triggers and activate messaging on any source of customer data directly within the tool.

Maximize Your Relevance

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