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Unlock your data to develop deeper customer relationships.

Use your data in more ways, more efficiently.
At unheard-of scale.

Support an audience of hundreds of millions while appealing to each user’s unique preferences. Our world-class processing speed and low latency let you move quickly, whether ingesting data into our platform or retrieving it for segmentation.

Integrate data from anywhere, and everywhere. Instantly.

Leverage real-time user, demographic, behavioral and custom event data—both first and third-party—instantly to trigger individualized messaging and campaigns. Iterable’s flexible data model allows data ingestion from virtually any source, so you never have to worry about having irrelevant content. Our platform supports forwarding data via APIs and webhooks to any third-party integrations.

Go beyond segmentation. Really know your customers.

Understand every customer’s unique characteristics and preferences by storing hundreds of demographic and custom event data fields for each user profile. Dynamically segment your subscribers for highly targeted email, direct mail and mobile campaigns, then create lookalike audiences and retarget users on social media.

Build experiences across
channels and devices.

Do what you imagine.
Do what you never imagined.

Create a seamless, individualized experience for your customers across email, SMS, mobile push, web push, in-app notifications, social and more. With Iterable at the center of your modern growth stack, you can access next-generation integrations from our innovative partners—from location-based messages and AI-powered copy optimization to immersive augmented reality experiences and live video email.

Next-gen email, mobile and more.

Understand how users are interacting with your mobile apps to increase engagement. Send messages through SMS, push, in-app notifications and the mobile inbox—with deep links that send users to the right place without friction.

Next-level personalization and optimization.

Talk to each customer
as if they’re unique. Because they are.

Leverage data in a new way to provide customized content at an individual level. You can easily build queries in Catalog, such as showing all best-rated restaurants at a specific price point, within a 1-mile radius of your customer. With this information at your fingertips, you can email your entire database, knowing each user will receive all the top restaurants within their neighborhood. Individualization has never been easier.

Better relationships through smart technology.

Iterable AI uses the latest data science and machine learning techniques to automatically optimize the best time, frequency and channel to engage each individual customer when and where they prefer most. Use real-time interaction data to send just the right cadence of messages and avoid communication overload.

See what works,
and what doesn’t.
Faster than ever.

Iterable Insights gives you a holistic view of growth marketing performance, giving you the ability to iterate quicker than ever. We’ve put all the analytics you need into one place so you can maximize your success. Custom reports and dashboards enable you to track and measure critical campaign metrics—such as unique open rate, total app uninstalls and revenue.


Unlimited scale.
Unlimited potential.

Enterprise-ready security and operational processes ensure secure deployment into your marketing technology stack. Comprehensive security features like SSO/SAML, privacy compliance, account provisioning and access controls keep your marketing operations protected—whether you’re already a large-scale company or growing into one.

Billions of conversations. Millions of better relationships.

25+ Billion

Cross-channel messages sent per year.

30+ Billion

Data points handled for our largest customer.

20+ Million

Users processed through our workflows per hour.

500+ Million

Customer experiences optimized using AI.

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