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An integrated, cross-channel platform—built for marketers, trusted by engineers, designed with intelligence.

The Total Economic Impact of Iterable™

Investing in Iterable yielded a 700% ROI due to increased revenue

A commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Iterable January 2018

Smarter Marketing With Artificial Intelligence

Announcing the Iterable Intelligence Suite. Using our proprietary algorithms, we analyze each user’s digital body language to optimize the best time, channel and frequency to engage them for fully automated goal-driven marketing.

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Send Time Optimization: Automatically determine the best time for customer engagement and conversion gleaned through your users’ behavioral and event data.

Channel Optimization: Identify and designate the specific digital messaging channels your users are most likely to engage and convert with.

Frequency Optimization: Using real-time interaction data, cap channel-by-channel messaging loads and safely send campaigns without risking channel fatigue.

Captivate Your Customers

Deliver 1-to-1, personalized messages across multiple marketing channels. Iterable powers cross-channel customer engagement at enterprise scale.

Iterable supports all message types for email, SMS, push, web push, in-app, social and direct mail.

Activate All Data Instantly

Leverage all your subscribers’ demographic, behavioral and event data—both internal and from third parties—in real time to trigger personalized messaging and campaigns.

Iterable’s flexible data model and universal webhooks retrieve data from unlimited event data sources.

Automate Intelligence

Create seamless, automated campaigns and segments using Iterable’s intuitive, visual, drag-and-drop Workflow Studio.

Quickly build workflows, automate touch points, and test strategies at scale without engineering support.

  • Welcome Series
  • In-App Promotion
  • Cart Abandonment
  • Facebook Retargeting
  • Order Confirmation
  • Lifecycle Marketing Made Simple

    Engage your customers at each touchpoint of their buying journey—from sign-up to check-out and beyond.
    Drive user activation, nurture, and reactivation with relevant cross-channel messaging.

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    How Is Iterable Different?

    Data Flexibility at Your Fingertips

    Access real-time user, behavioral and event data to trigger personalized messaging at virtually unlimited scale. Support an audience of millions while appealing to each subscriber’s unique preferences.

    Unified Brand Experience

    Orchestrate seamless customer engagement across email, mobile push, SMS, in-app, web push, direct mail and more throughout every lifecycle stage, from activation to re-engagement.

    Agile Iteration & Optimization

    Launch, measure and fine-tune campaigns with ease to deliver more relevant messaging faster than the competition. Experiment and iterate on-demand to determine the right content, channel and cadence for each user.

    Customer Journey Mapping

    Visualize the entire customer journey and build sophisticated, cross-channel segments and campaigns with Iterable’s intuitive, drag-and-drop Workflow Studio.

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