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Iterable for B2B

Deepen user adoption & accelerate product-led growth

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Leading Product-Led Companies Use Iterable


We live in a world where your end user holds the buying power.

The question is: 

How can you effectively activate these users to move them from trial to power user to advocate, and ultimately grow your business faster and more efficiently?

The answer: 

Using a B2B user activation platform that allows clients to leverage a D2C mindset with true 1:1 personalization and individual user journeys to support end-user onboarding, ongoing platform engagement, and retention.


You have a great product.

Make it easy for users to experience and evangelize.

Supercharge Your Product-Led Growth

Leverage product-led messaging triggered by real-time user actions to activate more users faster.

Onboard and Educate More Effectively

Quickly onboard product end users and provide personalized, ongoing education to elevate the user experience.

Increase Trial Conversion Rate

Use real-time experimentation, Predictive Goals & Iterable AI to tailor messaging to drive intelligent engagement during this crucial time.

Deepen Product Adoption & Usage

Transition to dynamic and personalized user-level messaging, using real-time product data that expedites adoption and drives desired outcomes.

Did We Mention Better Retention?

Lean on Iterable AI to identify at-risk users and target them with cross-channel retention journeys.

Turn (Free) Users Into (Paying) Lifelong Champions

Activate and engage users throughout their full lifecycle, support product mastery, and help users maximize product value so they can be rockstars in their organizations.

Increase Business Efficiency

Use deep segmentation, in-flight experimentation, and always-on adaptive journeys relevant to each user’s experience to increase operational and financial efficiency, decrease acquisition costs, and increase LTV from existing users.

Know So You Can Grow

Get to know your users better than ever, and shape their journeys based on the products, features, and integrations your data is telling you may be a fit for them – accelerating their maturity and growth.

Supercharge Iterable with Salesforce Data and Insight

Leverage your CRM data to power customer lifecycles and growth while driving individual engagement and better end user support so that your sales reps can focus on what they do best–selling!

The Iterable Difference

Grow faster by using smarter technology. For your business, this means:

Efficient Business Growth
Record-time ROI
Better Scalability
More Flexibility

Deliver world-class customer engagement with our ecosystem of technology partners.