4 Steps to Make Individualization Seem Like Magic
4 Steps to Make Individualization Seem Like Magic
  • On-demand
  • 40 Minutes

Have you ever received a product recommendation totally off base for you, and gotten the ick from that brand? Like, no, I do not want to buy a broomstick or a cape right now. Maybe when I’m executing my marketing campaigns later.

Individualizing the customer journey doesn’t have to be like pulling rabbits out of a hat, although it can certainly feel like a magic trick when done right. In fact, companies that excel at personalization generate 40% more revenue (McKinsey). It’s clear individualization is the path forward for marketers, not just the standard personalization we’ve all been shooting for.

In this webinar, our Senior Manager of Solutions Consulting, Katie Barends, sits down with Sofia Casson, Marketing Executive, from Butternut Box to chat through what it means to individualize your customer journey and how they are doing it today.

There are no tricks up our sleeves here, walk away from this webinar knowing:

  • What individualization is and how it’s different from personalization
  • The 4 steps to individualizing the customer experience
  • Real life examples of individualization and its impact on key business results

Begin executing on these tips and tricks today with our Checklist for Creating Individualization Magic.



Sofia Casson

Marketing Executive
Butternut Box

Katie Barends

Senior Manager, Solutions Consulting
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