6 Recipes to Spice Up Your Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns
6 Recipes to Spice Up Your Cross-Channel Marketing Campaigns
  • On-demand
  • 54 Minutes

Like experimenting in the kitchen, there’s more than one way to cook up an amazing marketing campaign.

Leaning on years of experience observing, developing, and testing thousands of cross-channel messages, we’ve deconstructed six popular lifecycle campaigns down to their core ingredients.

Watch our cross-channel and mobile marketing MasterChefs and expect to come away with:

  • New perspective on some of the most-utilized campaigns marketers implement across the customer lifecycle
  • Email, push & SMS examples of 5-star brands to inspire you
  • Pro tips for kicking your marketing messages up a notch

Hosted by


Alyssa Jarrett


Tasmin Singh

Manager, Customer Success
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