AMP for Email: Use Cases & Considerations for Every Brand (Even Yours!)
AMP for Email: Use Cases & Considerations for Every Brand (Even Yours!)
  • On-demand
  • 58 Minutes

Google Product Manager Jon Harmer joins us for a very special webinar covering one of the hottest topics around – AMP for Email and the future of email.

Whether you’re already coding AMP emails or just curious to know what all the hype is about, you won’t want to miss this opportunity to dive into Jon’s world, gain perspective of what’s possible today, and get ahead of the curve.

There is also plenty of space for answering questions as they pertain to Gmail, AMP for Email, and what lies ahead for email marketers.

Expect to come away with:

  • A look at the challenges and opportunities with AMP for Email
  • A collection of amazing examples of AMP for Email in action 
  • FAQ on Google’s relationship with email marketing



Jon Harmer

Product Manager

Jen Capstraw

Director of Strategic Insights and Evangelism

Wayne Coburn

Director of Product, Analytics & AI
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