Ask a Builder About: How Headway Leveraged Iterable for Fun and Easy Marketing Success
Ask a Builder About: How Headway Leveraged Iterable for Fun and Easy Marketing Success
  • On-demand
  • 45 Minutes
The “Ask A Marketer About” webinar series provides unparalleled access to the Dreamers, Builders, and Makers behind extraordinary campaigns. Learn how some of the brightest marketing minds deliver joy to their customers using Iterable.

Curious to hear how the team at Headway became the App of the Day in the US four times in a row?

Get ready to level up your marketing game in this webinar where Olena Zarubina, Retention Manager and Ilya Lukach, Strategic Partnership Executive, will reveal how they use Iterable to power their marketing strategies and make personalised experiences that their users love.

Olena and Ilya will discuss how Iterable AI-driven features create a more individualised experience for its users and how the improved onboarding journey has even lifted their open rates and app purchases to new heights thanks to sophisticated A/B testing.

Don’t miss this chance to learn from the masters of fun and easy growth.

Walk away from this webinar understanding how to:

  • segment your subscribers based on behavioural and user data
  • personalise activation of your new users
  • develop your customers into long-term B2B relations



Ilya Lukach

Strategic Partnership Executive

Olena Zarubina

Retention Manager

Mike Jones

Enterprise Account Executive
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