Ask a Builder About: How InStride Unlocks the Power of Webhooks for B2B2C Success
Ask a Builder About: How InStride Unlocks the Power of Webhooks for B2B2C Success
  • On-demand
  • 40 Minutes
The “Ask A Marketer About” webinar series provides unparalleled access to the Dreamers, Builders, and Makers behind extraordinary campaigns. Learn how some of the brightest marketing minds deliver joy to their customers using Iterable.

In the July edition of this webinar series, we’re demystifying webhooks. You’ll discover how harnessing the flexibility of webhooks creates tighter relationships between your stack tools that maximize the impact of your communications— without needing extensive technical resources.

Join Emily Benoit, Manager of Lifecycle Engagement at InStride, as she demonstrates how her team leverages webhooks to connect users to each other with customized, low-code data. Gain practical insights into effective webhooks uses, including strategizing triggers, entries and exit points, how to connect relational customer data, and some easy use cases and examples you can implement today!

Walk away from this webinar with insights on how to:

  • Harness the power of webhooks to enhance the customer experience
  • Create personalized connections between users
  • Customize data fields to deliver tailored messaging
  • Build new lifecycle features without additional vendors or teams

Register now to gain practical insights and optimize your B2B2C communications from two incredible industry experts.



Gigi Woerle

Customer Success Manager

Emily Benoit

Manager, Lifecycle Engagement
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