Fall Product Showcase: New Mobile Capabilities to Drive Loyalty and Revenue
Fall Product Showcase: New Mobile Capabilities to Drive Loyalty and Revenue
  • On-demand
  • 30 Minutes

Mobile has completely changed the consumer experience. In all likelihood you probably checked your phone at least a dozen times before getting on this page, and with 71% of consumers expecting flawless device-agnostic experiences, as a business you simply can’t afford to not be there.

Iterable helps marketers harmonize mobile-first campaigns across SMS, apps, and browsers with sophisticated targeting, smart opt-in, and AI-Driven Optimization. In our Fall Release, we cover how new features such as Iterable SMS, In-Browser Messaging and Channel Optimization can help you powerfully deliver your message across mobile.

In this webinar, see an overview and demonstration of the latest product capabilities and partnerships to help you:

  • Drive loyalty and revenue with dynamic, deeply personalized, SMS/MMS campaigns
  • Drive more individualized experiences with AI-driven channel optimization
  • Increase website conversion with personalized in-browser messaging
  • Drive operational efficiency, with more privacy controls at scale.



Jeff Mills

Director of Product Marketing

Sammy Mazza

Senior Solutions Consultant

Leah Rodriguez

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Garrett McCullum

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Trisha Desai

Solutions Consultant

Taylor Briggs

Product Marketing Manager
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