Good Robot/Bad Robot: The Truth About AI & Cross-Channel Marketing
Good Robot/Bad Robot: The Truth About AI & Cross-Channel Marketing
  • On-demand
  • 60 Minutes

If there’s one topic that gets marketers excited these days, it’s artificial intelligence. Pundits have proclaimed you’ll be left in the dust if you don’t adopt NOW. And while it’s true that fresh innovations can help you move the needle, marketers’ understanding of AI remains a bit vague – sometimes inaccurate – and so far, only the earliest adopters have jumped straight in.

In this interactive session we’ll:

  • Give you straight talk about the value of today’s AI-driven marketing opps
  • Dispel AI myths and misconceptions
  • Predict how AI will evolve in the coming years to better support your toughest marketing challenges
  • Explore the surprising ways in which AI can be inaccurate, and even harmful
  • Get you involved with the conversation with real-time polling and chat

Our panel of pros might not even see eye-to-eye on some points – so get ready for a lively and insightful conversation that’s sure to deliver a surprise or two.



Parry Malm


Jen Capstraw

Director of Strategic Insights and Evangelism

Wayne Coburn

Director of Product, Analytics & AI
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