Hot or Not: The 2022 Imperatives For Winning The Loyalties Of Today’s Consumers
Hot or Not: The 2022 Imperatives For Winning The Loyalties Of Today’s Consumers
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In a world where customers hyper-adopt (and hyper-abandon) brands at the drop of a hat, the key to successfully acquiring and retaining customers today is obsessing about experiences along the customer’s path to purchase.

What’s the catch?

With innumerable areas for digital transformation but limited resources, making the right investments in initiatives that will move the needle (and avoiding those that won’t) can mean the difference between success and failure.

In this session, guest speaker and Forrester VP/Principal Analyst, Brendan Witcher reveals what the 2022 imperatives must be for every marketing and digital professional as well as:

  • What really drives customers to choose the brands they do business with today (and what keeps them loyal)
  • Which marketing-related initiatives are leading companies investing in for the coming year and why
  • How data, personalization, and cross-channel capabilities align with expectations of digitally-savvy, channel-agnostic consumers
  • Which companies are already doing what all companies must do to successfully compete in today’s markets



Brendan Witcher

VP, Principal Analyst

Anthony Chiulli

Sr. Manager, Product Marketing
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