How to Enhance the Customer Experience
How to Enhance the Customer Experience
  • On-demand
  • 60 Minutes

Experiences are tied to memories. Good or bad, you remember how an experience makes you feel. For the customer experience, this memory can make or break the customer’s decision whether to interact with your brand again.

The truth is in the pudding with research showing that brands with better customer experience see 5.7 X more revenue than competitors with weaker customer experience.

Join our on-demand fireside chat with Holistic Email Marketing, Gap Clothing & Caleres where they dive into how to enhance your customer experience.

Join us and learn:

  • The role AI plays in transforming your customer experience
  • How to build trust with your customers to grow your business
  • Real examples that you can incorporate into your strategy today!



Corrina Cohen

Marketing Cloud Platform Developer

Victoria van Buuren

CRM & Digital Manager
GAP Clothing

Skip Fidura

Chief Marketing Officer

Kath Pay

Holistic Email Marketing

Eloise Shuttleworth

Senior Director of Customer Success, EMEA
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