Your Guide to Evolving Email Personalisation
Your Guide to Evolving Email Personalisation
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  • 20 Minutes

Since 2012, crypto services provider, has managed 28% of all Bitcoin transactions. As Blockchain looks ahead to the exponential opportunity of cryptocurrency, the team is doubling down on their customer experience and investing in their email personalisation strategy.

The email landscape is quickly morphing into a personalised one and Blockchain’s fireside chat highlights how consumers are looking for helpful, stripped down emails to engage with, and it’s the personalised ones that really cut through the noise.

Join Indi Pollard, Email Marketing Lead, and Eloise Shuttleworth, Senior Customer Success Director at Iterable, to learn how you can deliver a best in class customer experience with a personalised approach.

Join us and learn:

  • Benefits of building a memorable customer experience
  • Proven personalisation tactics
  • A/B testing tips for success



Indi Pollard

Email Marketing Lead

Eloise Shuttleworth

Senior Director of Customer Success, EMEA
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