How to Do SMS Marketing Well: Reduce Costs & Keep Customers Happy
How to Do SMS Marketing Well: Reduce Costs & Keep Customers Happy
  • On-demand
  • 30 Minutes

SMS is the fastest and most engaging way to onboard, connect, and build loyalty with today’s mobile-first consumer. With open rates 6-8x higher than email, SMS yields 10x more revenue when combined with email. That’s why it should be an integral, integrated part of your holistic cross-channel marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, too many marketers adopt SMS only to find that the channel is quickly siloed, crippling its ability to produce the powerful results it can yield when combined with your other channels. In this 30-minute webinar session with our partner, Tinuiti, you’ll learn strategies for incorporating SMS into your cross-channel communication while reducing costs and keeping your customers happy.

You’ll come away with:

  • Tactical strategies for SMS personalization and promotion to drive revenue in Q4 and the holiday season
  • Deep perspective on improving the customer experience with mobile messaging that delights, not irritates
  • Best practices for reducing cost and mitigating spend with thoughtful sending strategy that doesn’t break your team’s budget

With our partner:



Sammy Mazza

Senior Solutions Consultant

Abby Eastman

Solutions Consultant

Eric Miller

Director, CRM & Email
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