Win Customers’ Hearts & Minds with a Personalized Email Strategy
Win Customers’ Hearts & Minds with a Personalized Email Strategy
  • On-demand
  • 60 Minutes

Privacy changes are limiting what consumer information brands can utilize, so it’s more important than ever to maximize your first-party data while also building your customer’s trust. The key to building brand affinity? Email marketing and AI personalization.

Hear our experts talk about how your zero- and first-party data are key to an enhanced customer experience. Join us to learn how to use AI and predictive analytics. Plus, we reveal how our experts use this data to take email strategy to the next level.

Some topics we discuss:

  • Measure customer sentiment for a highly personalized strategy
  • How to apply zero- and first-party data collection to your outreach strategy
  • Strategies to secure a loyal customer base in a competitive market
  • Case studies to replicate for personalization success
  • How to use AI for more robust, real-time personalization



Lauren Benner

Social Media and Communications Manager

Keri Brooks

Strategist, CRM & Email
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