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Jen Capstraw's Archives

Jen Capstraw

Jen Capstraw is a strategist, speaker, writer and #emailgeek. In addition to her role as Director of Strategic Insights and Evangelism at Iterable, Jen is Co-Founder and President of Women of Email, an association of 2,000+ aimed at promoting leadership and cultivating professional growth among women in the email space.

Growth Marketing

Marketing Best Practices Are Bullsh*t: A Love Poem

Behold—the types of conversations that I wish that I could have with marketers if I possessed a magic marketing strategy wand: You: “Hey, Jen! What’s the best practice for the number of touches in a re-engagement campaign?” *Waving wand* Me: “4.2 touches, across 3 channels.” You: “Cool! How much ROI can I expect if I...

Growth Marketing

Revisiting Our 2018 Marketing Predictions: How Did We Do?

Stewart Brand once said, “The fast-moving trends get most of the attention. The slow-moving trends have most of the power.” Every new year brings about new industry predictions, but we thought that we’d take a different approach in 2019. Instead of rounding up experts and influencers to consult their crystal balls, we wanted to look...

Growth Marketing

Brands Taking a Stand: The Profit of Political Email Marketing

Once upon a time, it wasn’t polite to discuss politics and money. Many of us have strayed from that convention in recent years, but holy schmoley, Penzeys Spices blew the lid right off the polite conversation spice jar with their wildly frank July 3rd newsletter. It wasn’t the first time that Penzeys Spices took a...