Iterable for E-Commerce

Modern e-commerce marketing requires sophisticated, multi-channel campaigns that are personalized for each customer. Learn how the Iterable platform gives you the tools to accomplish this.

Welcome Your Customers

A strong welcome series is a must. Familiarize your new (or potential) customers with your products, let them know what to expect and point them to your social media channels.

When you’re ready for the next step, use profile and behavioral cues to offer first-purchase discounts, birthday or anniversary messages, or other targeted campaigns.

Use The Right Channels

Message customers based on where they’ll be most receptive, not on what your tools allow. Use SMS and in-app messages for time-sensitive offers, email for ongoing campaigns.

A good next step: build a comprehensive message preference center that empowers your customers to specify how they should be contacted.

Increase Customer Lifetime Value

You’ve attracted someone to your store, now take advantage of it. People are busy and get distracted—use shopping cart abandonment campaigns to maximize their chance of converting.

Once they’ve made a purchase, keep them coming back by showing them related products, asking them for feedback or sending targeted offers.

Bring Old Customers Back

Re-activation or win-back campaigns are a key part of successful e-commerce marketing. But you don’t want to overwhelm lapsed customers with irrelevant messages.

Send campaigns based on past purchases and set up automated workflows that adjust frequency based on message engagement to maximize your chances of success.

Incorporate Your Catalog Data

E-commerce campaigns perform much better when they include actual product pictures, prices and other relevant info.

Iterable’s “metadata store” gives you the ability to include any of your catalog data across your multi-channel campaigns.

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