Iterable for Financial Services

Financial firms have an edge when it comes to engagement: customers actually want to hear from them. Iterable provides the tools to turn that into a huge competitive advantage.

Start With White Glove Treatment

Customers need to trust financial service firms. Make sure you treat them accordingly. Start with a well-crafted welcome series and follow-up with personalized communications.

Even better, build a preference center and ask your customers to tell you how they want to be reached.

Build a Rich Customer Profile

Your customers have a lot vested in the relationship. Give them an opportunity to tell you more about their preferences and activities.

Iterable’s user profiles integrate with your customer databases or CRM to identify the right user data and behaviors for great marketing campaigns.

Engage Via the Right Channel

Your customers use a wide variety of devices. Don’t force them to communicate with you the in the same way.

Build segments based on customer behaviors and build marketing and transactional campaigns for each one.

Send Real-Time Notifications

Financial services often require time-sensitive communications. You need a modern customer engagement platform that can support this.

The Iterable platform works in real-time, making incoming user data and events immediately available to segmentation, workflows, campaigns and reporting.

Increase Lifetime Value

The right level of service and communication with your customers will build a long and fruitful relationship.

Iterable’s ability to scale will support your company as your individual customer communications and overall customer base grow.

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