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Relevant content, consistently delivered.

Experience the next iteration of personalisation. Catalog unifies your brand’s most valuable data, enabling marketers to consistently build 1:1 content experiences that cultivate engagement and win customer trust across an entire audience base.

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Cater to Every Individual’s Tastes

Catalog delivers relevant, real-time content derived from your customers’ unique interests, behaviours and actions. Leverage key customer data points – engagement, geolocation, purchases and more – to curate content, deals and recommendations attuned to each of your customers’ unique preferences.

Delve Deeper Into Your Data

Designed with marketers in mind, Catalog’s visual building experience enables marketers to intuitively create Collections of dynamic content experiences from multiple data sources. Similar to our segmentation tool, Catalog’s native UI and no-code interface empowers marketers to sophisticatedly manipulate data in an approachable and intuitive manner.

Craft Personalised Collections

Use Catalog collection builder to build dynamic groupings of the products and services that bring your audience joy. Once created, simply insert the snippet into any of your campaign templates for a powerful messaging experience. Since individual profile insights determine what Catalog content each customer receives, a single Collection can deliver millions of individualised message experiences – simply build, apply and send.

Enhance the Value of Every Message

Catalog’s greatest strength lies in its flexibility. Marketers control how and where Collection content is used across your digital channels. Whether it’s individual-specific centrepiece content in the heart of your message or recommended items nested subtly before your footers, you control all of the different elements comprising your cross-channel messaging experience.

Dynamic Content Experimentation

Catalog significantly expands your A/B testing breadth. Create and test multiple Collections against different audience segments to see which dynamic content experiences drive the most engagement.

Recommendations Without External Management

Catalog personalises campaigns on a per-user basis. Recommendations, custom offers and more can be quickly generated without reliance on external servers or additional infrastructure.

Consolidate Data Inside Catalog

Consolidate key components of your brand’s most critical data inside Catalog: product SKUs, inventories, coupon codes, store location details and more. All data is available for immediate experimentation.

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