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An immersive experience,
right at your fingertips.

Create cross-channel experiences that seamlessly move between channels – without ever losing connection. Mobile reach across push, in-app, SMS and Mobile Inbox means the messages your customers want most are never more than a tap away.

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Combine Channels Seamlessly

Adding digital depth to single-channel campaigns is easy with Workflow Studio. A simple drag-and-drop is all it takes to incorporate new channel messaging into your campaign workflows. Whether it’s a welcome series combining in-app and push touchpoints or enhancing an existing cart abandonment campaign with triggered push notifications, creating cross-channel continuity has never been easier.

Send Push Notifications

Design a striking push that captures the attention of users and gets them to reopen your app. Send a rich push and amplify the message with custom images, GIFs and tappable action buttons where users can interact without leaving their home screens.

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Send In-App Notifications

From lightweight to immersive, build in-app messaging that enhances your mobile app experience. Select the on-screen placement, design the content’s look and feel and pick the engagement options that drive the message home: image carousels, animations and deep-linked destinations.

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Send SMS

Quickly and easily design SMS campaigns that capture your customers’ attention for all the right reasons. Offer proof of transactions with text-based confirmations as part of your checkout process, or consider incorporating text-based delivery updates using media-rich messages that build customer excitement.

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Create a Mobile Inbox

Send notifications directly to your customers’ app without disrupting their in-app experience. Style your Mobile Inbox for a native feel and give your customers a new destination for storing and redeeming offers during their app sessions.

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Target the Right Audiences

Build dynamic segmentation that tracks target audiences in real time. All website and mobile app interactions can be used for qualifying customers both in and out of different campaigns. Filter through different customer attributes, behaviours and campaign histories to distil the perfect audience for every message.

Develop with Our Mobile SDK

We offer native SDKs for Android, iOS and React Native. We’ve developed a well-documented mobile SDK solution that’s designed for ease of use, full mobile messaging functionality and out-of-the-box extensibility. Should your technical team prefer to avoid introducing additional code into your applications, customers are not required to implement our SDK in order to leverage push functionality.

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Create Mobile Experiments

Test multiple variants of your mobile messaging campaigns to maximise engagement. Conduct A/B, multivariate and multi-arm bandit tests to optimise every aspect of your campaign’s performance.

Advanced Template Editing

Enhance your mobile messaging experiences, with easy-to-use customisation including: rich media delivery, customisable action buttons, standard and native deep linking, embeddable code support and more.

Instant Messaging Preview

Instantly generate iOS and Android message previews within Iterable and ensure every message is perfect before it’s sent. Use built-in email preview to see how emails look across different devices and inboxes.