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Iterable Named a 2024 Best Software by G2

G2, a leading peer-to-peer review site, names the Best Software every year. To qualify for this award, G2 looks at the more than 50 required reviews on a software’s G2 page and consolidates the feedback. This year, we’re honored that, according to G2’s Best Software by Function, Iterable has been named amongst the top 50 Best Marketing & Digital Advertising Products for 2024.

Best Marketing & Digital Advertising Software Products

According to G2, “To qualify for the best Marketing Digital Advertising software list, products must be listed under one or more of the Marketing or Digital Advertising software categories.

Businesses use marketing and digital ad software to automate marketing processes, manage marketing and advertising campaigns, and measure marketing performance. These software solutions can be used to generate leads, promote products and services, manage customer data, improve customer experiences, and analyze marketing effectiveness.”

Marketing Automation by Iterable

Because the award is Best Software by Function, G2 assigns each marketing and digital advertising software a “main category.” Iterable falls under the Marketing Automation category.

G2 defines Marketing Automation software as a product that “automates marketing actions or tasks, streamlines marketing workflows, and measures the outcomes of marketing campaigns. These tools provide a central marketing database for all marketing information and interactions, helping marketers create segmented, personalized and timely marketing experiences for customers or prospects.”

With Iterable’s AI Suite, marketers can combine artificial intelligence and marketing automation to make customer communication not only easy, but impactful. With features like Send Time Optimization (STO), Channel Optimization, Frequency Optimization (beta), Copy Assist, Brand Affinity, and more, Iterable can take the manual guesswork out of sending the right marketing messages at the right time. Here’s how.

  • Send Time Optimization (STO): “Send Time Optimization (STO) is an Iterable AI feature that helps send email and push notifications when your contacts are most likely to engage with them. For each campaign recipient, STO analyzes historical engagement behavior and selects an optimal, per-person send time.”
  • Channel Optimization: “When a user arrives in a Channel Optimization send tile in a journey, Iterable analyzes their historical data and sends the message to the channel it determines they’re most likely to engage with. Data is analyzed on a weekly basis to account for changes in channel preference.”
  • Frequency Optimization (beta): “This feature uses Iterable AI to maximize engagement by adjusting how many email, SMS, and/or push notifications each user receives in a given period of time, based on their historical engagement data. For more information about beta testing this feature, talk to your Iterable customer success manager.”
  • Copy Assist: This “Iterable AI feature that enhances and expedites the process of writing copy for your campaigns. When you’re creating a campaign or template, enter text as you always do, and Copy Assist generates alternative suggestions for you to consider.”
  • Brand Affinity: “Brand Affinity uses Iterable AI to label your users based on their historical level of engagement with your brand. You can use these labels in segmentation, campaigns, journeys, data feeds, and Catalog collections to send personalized, relevant messages to your customers.”

In addition to the AI Suite, Iterable’s key features support cross-channel automation. Take Iterable Studio, for example. This journey-building tool allows marketers to create an automated user journey via an intuitive drag-and-drop interface.

A screenshot of the Iterable Studio showing tilesets in a built journey

This is an example of a welcome sequence that not only uses tilesets, but AI as well.

This tool can be used to automate marketing messages across various channels, at certain times, to specific segments. You can even perform automated A/B tests within Studio to maximize engagement. It’s no wonder Iterable fits into G2’s Marketing Automation category.

Why Iterable Fits the Bill

G2 actually has a list of features for a software to be considered as a Marketing Automation software, making it even clearer why Iterable fits the bill. To qualify for inclusion in the Marketing Automation category, a product must, among other factors:

  • Automate two or more of the following: email, social media, SMS, and digital ads ✅
  • Provide advanced email marketing capabilities including A/B testing, spam filter testing, scheduling, segmentation, and detailed performance reporting ✅
  • Act as a central marketing database for marketing information and interactions ✅
  • Allow dynamic segmentation of marketing campaign targets ✅
  • Contact targets across multiple channels after specific actions, triggers, or periods of time ✅
  • Provide analytics and reports that track the entire lifecycle of a campaign, including ties to revenue and/or campaign ROI ✅

In addition, these following metrics affect a company’s Satisfaction rating:

  • Customer satisfaction with end user-focused product attributes based on user reviews
  • Popularity and statistical significance based on the number of reviews received by G2
  • Quality of reviews received (reviews that are more thoroughly completed will be weighted more heavily)
  • Age of reviews (more-recent reviews provide relevant and up-to-date information that is reflective of the current state of a product)
  • Customers’ satisfaction with administration-specific product attributes based on user reviews
  • Overall customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score® (NPS) based on ratings by G2 users

What Our Customers Say About Us

“I love the user friendly interface, especially for someone who is coming more from the marketing side, without a ton of technical experience. The flows and journeys are easy to build and the capabilities are very advanced. In addition, I appreciate that Iterable is always looking to improve their product and has a future-oriented mindset, introducing features such as their AI Suite and Copy Assist, which can help automate more of the operational work & inspire new ideas. Not least, our CSM is very involved & helpful with our questions & ideas, so the support is appreciated.”

Sanda Z. (Mid-Market 51-1000 emp.)

“Innovative staying ahead of the curve in the tech space. One of the best workflow building and segmentation tool.”

Kaylyn K. (Small-Business 50 or fewer emp.)

“I am newer to Iterable (~7 mos), and have previously used competitors including Mailchimp, Braze, and Hubspot. So far, some key pro’s to using Iterable include the user friendly interface and a responsive customer support team.”

Julia A. Mid-Market 51-1000 emp.)

Thank you to our amazing customers for their partnership in maintaining Iterable as one of the best Best Marketing & Digital Advertising Products on the market!

Looking to learn more about Iterable? Schedule a demo today.

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