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Iterable’s AI Optimization Suite

Transform insights into smarter marketing decisions.

Empower your marketing and forge deeper customer connections with Iterable’s AI Optimization Suite. Automate routine tasks, accelerate growth, and deliver more meaningful experiences with built-in intelligence at every step of the customer journey.

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Iterable’s AI Optimization Suite includes two tiers to meet your needs: Standard Tier which includes our existing AI features Brand Affinity and Send Time Optimization and a Premium Tier which includes our newest AI features Predictive Goals with Explainable AI.

Develop Smarter Personalization Strategies

Intelligently create customer segments. Predictive Goals allows you to develop unique goals based on your business needs using any combination of data – from user profile fields to system and custom events. Iterable’s AI identifies those most likely to convert on those goals and from there, create audience segmentation and tailor marketing communications towards these audiences. Within Predictive Goals, we provide a more glass-box AI experience with Explainable AI which shares deeper insights into the data that powers your predictions.

Power Your Campaigns with Customer Sentiment

Tune into your customers’ feelings and transform the way you market. Brand Affinity™ translates cross-channel engagement into dynamic user labels reflecting your customers’ sentiment. Interpret customer signals to create deeper, more meaningful experiences that maximize retention, nurture through the journey, and mitigate churn before it happens.

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Connect With Your Audience at the Perfect Moment

Send at the right time, every time. Send Time Optimization automatically predicts when your customer is most likely to interact with your messages. Iterable AI analyzes the breadth of each recipients’ past interactions and chooses the best times to send for optimal engagement. Send with confidence, deliver with data.

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Advanced Data Science at Scale

Our world-class AI solutions are built upon hundreds of the signals collected from over 2 billion customer experiences created by 1000+ of the world’s most innovative brands. Through rigorous testing and training, our AI tools continuously adapt to deliver the confidence and value today’s marketers expect.

Marketer-Friendly AI

Powerful AI tools that complement, not replace you. Iterable’s AI Optimization Suite processes manual tasks, surfaces customer insights, and automates the routine decision-making processes that consume bandwidth. With AI at your side, it’s never been easier to create the authentic experiences your customers love.

Cross-Channel Versatility

Leverage real-time AI to deliver highly personalized experiences to maximize engagement across the entire customer journey. Discover the perfect audience, craft sophisticated workflows, A/B test, and generate dynamic content. Iterable’s built-in intelligence transforms the way you connect with your customers across channels.

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