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Forrester names Iterable Strong Performer in Cross-Channel Campaign Management

Iterable Named A Strong Performer in Cross-Channel Campaign Management

We’re excited to announce that Iterable has placed as a Strong Performer in The Forrester WaveTM: Cross-Channel Campaign Management (Independent Platforms), Q4 2019. This report highlights how nine select providers measure up and helps B2C marketing professionals select the right marketing technologies.

With the advent of new messaging channels, as well as a crowded and constantly evolving marketing technology landscape, marketers face an increasingly challenging process of finding a Cross-Channel Campaign Management (CCCM) solution that best fits their company’s current and future ambitions. 

Influencing this need for a modern platform are digitally native consumers that expect sophisticated and personalized messaging device-wide. As Forrester puts it in its report,  “Today’s customers expect contextually relevant, consistent experiences, regardless of channel or touchpoint.” 

We understand that powerful marketing experiences catalyze growth, which is why we’re pleased to have been recognized as a Strong Performer in The Forrester WaveTM: Cross-Channel Campaign Management (Independent Platforms), Q4 2019 report.   

Iterable was among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in its Q4 2019 Forrester WaveTM evaluation.  Forrester identified Iterable and the other vendors in the report as “standalone platforms that address requirements for customer data management and analytics, marketer-friendly campaign design, and orchestration for a broad range of digital and offline channels.”

“We’re honored to be recognized by Forrester as one of the ‘most significant’ platforms in the CCCM space. Iterable is the only modern solution capable of transforming the billions of consumer interactions simultaneously taking place across the digital universe into powerful customer marketing experiences,” said Justin Zhu, co-founder and CEO of Iterable.

Though brands have leveraged Iterable for, as one customer states, its “super-fast email solution with an intuitive interface,” we’re very pleased that Forrester recognizes how Iterable brings “mobile-first thinking to CCCM” through our support of “a variety of mobile communications, including SMS, mobile messengers, push messaging, and in-app personalization.”

We believe this validates our innovation strategy as we continue expanding our solution to better serve the modernized needs of mobile-first brands that prioritize data-driven campaign management.

This announcement comes on the heels of Iterable’s Denver and London office openings, as well as our newly launched product offering, Catalog, which provides a revolutionary way to customize campaigns leveraging large amounts of previously unavailable contextual metadata. These achievements all further demonstrate our continued growth and commitment to serving our customers. 

To learn more, you can download the full report.

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