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3 Lessons From Box on Building an Engaging Customer Journey

How many times do you get frustrated when you see retargeting ads for something that you have already purchased? Or when you receive emails asking you to sign up for a service after already subscribing?

It can be difficult for marketers to effectively use their data, let alone put themselves in the minds of their customers. That is why working cross-functionally to map out a complete customer journey is critical to the success of your business.

The marketing team at Box, a leading cloud content management company, understands that failing to account for your customer’s individual needs in their communications can negatively impact the use of their product.

Instead of using a batch-and-blast messaging approach for their entire userbase, Box is building a best-in-class experience for over 81,000 customers—over 60% of the Fortune 500.

Box recognizes how crucial it is to deliver relevant messages that continuously educate their customers on new product offerings and use cases to increase overall engagement with the brand. After all, we all know that retaining a customer is dramatically more cost-effective than acquiring a new one.

Read on for three key lessons we learned from Box on building out a truly engaging customer journey.

1. Collect, Listen and Act on All Data Points

Whether you work for a SaaS company like Box that tracks product usage or for an e-commerce business that wants to recover more abandoned carts, it is imperative that you not only collect and listen for those essential data points but also act upon them.

Box currently routes over 140 data points into Iterable, allowing them to target beyond demographic data, including other important information like company size, industry, product usage, and customer actions.

This comprehensive approach to data collection and analysis enables marketers at Box to target the right people with the right message at the right time.

2. Evolve Personalization Across Channels

Customer interaction occurs on a multitude of channels—from a company website to in-app chats, to email and mobile messages—so it is imperative to personalize not only what you say but also across each method of communication you use to say it.

The data that Box leverages from the Box.com community translates to their release communications and their in-app experience. And by creating targeted messaging with Iterable, Box has expanded their audience reach by 5X, which allows the marketing team to better educate their customers, improve product adoption and increase retention rates.

3. Ensure Consistent Messaging Throughout Every Interaction

To build brand loyalty, a company’s personality must shine in every customer interaction—from acquisition to technical support.

Box has made the post-sales experience such a priority that the company added a Customer Engagement business function.

This pivotal team, led by Lauren Vaccarello who spoke at Iterable’s Activate conference, takes complete ownership of ensuring a consistent message across all customer touchpoints.

Iterable’s Impact at Box

Interested in hearing more about how Box is utilizing Iterable to drive their customer experience for tens of millions of users? Check out their video testimonial above.

“There’s this whole new world that’s happening with B2B and with SaaS companies right now that just focusing on how you close a deal and that initial sale isn’t going to work forever. It is completely about how do you redefine the post-sales experience. With Iterable, we have a clear ownership, and we have a clear mandate to actually go and drive value.” ~ Lauren Vaccarello, VP of Customer Engagement at Box

Have you mapped out your customer journey? If so, share your best practices in the Iterable Community!

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