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5 End-of-Year Tips to Become a Growth Marketing Hero

December is the perfect time to reflect on all that you’ve accomplished and determine how to take that excellence to the next level. With the holidays quickly approaching, we wanted to offer five practical tips to ensure your growth marketing success for the new year!

1. Learn from brands like you

The best way to improve your craft is by learning from your peers who have fought the same battles and come out victorious. Gaining insights from fellow marketers is how you can discover new ways to leverage user data, develop messaging that resonates and create memorable customer experiences.

Check out our case studies to learn how your favorite brands like Zillow, CreativeLive and Rocksbox are delivering the omni-channel experiences that you’ve come to love using Iterable’s growth marketing platform.

For example, leading skincare brand Curology saw a 26% improvement in customer engagement and increased its revenue by 10% after incorporating SMS into its marketing strategy and deploying robust omni-channel campaigns.

How would going omni-channel impact the bottom line of your business?

2. Evaluate your omni-channel readiness

When you’re planning on how to get where you want to be, you first have to determine your starting point. Examining the state of your current marketing programs allows you to move toward achieving true omni-channel relevance.

Take the Iterable Readiness Assessment to determine the maturity of your omni-channel marketing strategy. After answering a short list of questions, you’ll learn your results and be given an action plan on how to seamlessly orchestrate an engaging customer experience.

This assessment will also help you evaluate the effectiveness of your campaign automation, organizational alignment and more. Check it out to gauge how well you’re performing in these key areas and identify the initial steps you can take to set your brand up for success.

3. Improve your audience personalization

Behavior-based personalization is key to staying relevant with your customers. They’re trading their precious data to receive a better experience from your brand, so it’s vital that you use those insights to serve them properly.

After all, if you aren’t able to make your customers feel wanted, remembered, valued and connected, your competition certainly will. Check out this recent article to put together the four pieces of the personalization puzzle and build rewarding relationships with your customers.

Want an even deeper dive on improving your message personalization across all channels? Read on to understand the three essential types of customer segmentation that your marketing organization should be incorporating into every campaign.

4. Build better messaging workflows

Why is there a major disconnect between how marketers envision their customer journeys and how consumers actually interact with brands? It often comes down to an inability to trigger messages based on specific user events and actions.

Whether you’re welcoming a new subscriber to your community or trying to win back lapsed customers, building better messaging workflows is key to engaging your audience at all stages of their lifecycle.

Watch this overview video to learn how Iterable’s intuitive and highly visual Workflow Studio allows marketers to create sophisticated workflows with unlimited steps, branching and A/B tests.

5. Sign up for our product demo

Lastly, don’t miss out on our announcements about new Iterable features. Each month we provide a product overview, so sign up for our upcoming live demo on December 14th to learn the latest updates.

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