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Grow and Transform at Activate 19

After a full year of anticipation, Activate 19 has arrived! Coming off a tremendous quarter of our company’s own growth and transformation, we’re doubling down on our foundational values as we look toward the future.

We at Iterable believe that growth is a company-wide initiative—it’s the only way true transformation is made possible. Growth is powered by people collaboratively sharing data as they execute in unison toward the next phase of their journey.

New Possibilities at Activate 19

We discussed this concept at great length during the Activate 19 Keynote, but we’re sharing the key takeaways below for those who weren’t able to attend. We’re also pleased to unveil our newest product announcements attuned to these core pillars: People, Data, and Execution.


People are the foundation of any company’s success; they’re responsible for all the actions capable of spurring growth. To reach their full potential, organizations have to empower their people with the ability to achieve their individual and team-wide goals.


Iterable’s Teams feature helps break down the silos that have traditionally isolated growth programs and stifled teamwork. This new feature helps our customers surpass their growth and maturation goals by enabling easier collaboration between teams and encouraging scalability within their organizations.

We’ve built in a structured approach to managing the ownership of roles and permissions to alleviate data security concerns, ensuring teams can build ongoing trust with each other as they work toward their greater growth targets.

Here’s a brief overview of how we highlighted the benefits of Teams at Activate 19:

  • Enables project members to execute their specific goals in collaboration with other designated Project and Team members.
  • Grants specific team-wide resource permissions to alleviate any data and workflow integrity concerns
  • Clarifies the roles and responsibilities of your technical and non-technical team members
Activate 19: Teams enable collaboration at scale

Teams facilitates teamwork, scalability, and interdepartmental collaboration.


People gain unique perspectives rich with insights through experimentation and iteration—this is the essence of learning. Making all data available for business-wide usage catalyzes creativity and the pursuit of richer experimentation along a forward path. Eliminating silos creates inroads where learnings become accessible and actionable across the organization.


With Iterable’s new customizable metadata store, Catalog, marketers can push the boundaries of their personalization efforts. Catalog’s flexibility enables marketers to build collections of highly-specific data from customizable criteria that can be easily integrated into content blocks inside your templates. With Catalog, rich personalization is table stakes for all Iterable users.

Activate 19: Catalog unlocks individualized content at scale

Catalog’s metadata access unlocks new individualized content capabilities.

Brand Affinity Scoring

Using Iterable’s Brand Affinity Scoring, machine learning-derived insights will help you classify your users based on their interactions with your brand. Brand Affinity Scoring can identify your power users to maximize retention and track which customers are likely to churn. This new feature peels back another audience layer and reveals opportunities for further message and campaign refinement.

Activate 19: Brand Affinity Scoring identifies your loyal customers

Brand Affinity Scoring automatically identifies your power users and those approaching churn.


Armed with empowered people and insightful data, it’s time to execute and bring forth your ideas to market. Execution is the ability to launch robust growth programs and develop the channels that let you reach and engage customers most effectively. You’ve invested your energy creating the content and messaging—maximize their resonance by delivering them across performance-tuned channels.

Four New Channels

Iterable’s messaging channels help companies achieve their goals and create seamless brand experiences. We’ve made it easier for brands to engage their customers anytime, anywhere by enhancing the capabilities of our core channels (email, SMS, mobile push, web push, in-app, and direct mail).

  • Mobile Inbox is a personalized in-app content feed that provides a whole new way to maximize mobile engagement. By retrieving content in the background with no disruption to the mobile user’s flow, Inbox allows Iterable customers to send campaigns for their audiences to engage whenever it’s most convenient.
  • Multi-App Push enables brands with multiple mobile applications—an increasingly common strategy—to easily push campaigns to the right mobile app.
  • Facebook Custom Audiences provide marketers the ability to maximize engagement by retargeting users using the cross-channel orchestration capabilities in Iterable Workflow Studio.
  • Google Customer Match extends the engagement possibilities for marketers by enabling them to target users that are logged into their Google accounts, whether they’re using YouTube, Search or Gmail.
Activate 19: Four New Channels improves your customer reach

New channels expand the marketer’s ability to reach customers.

A Unified Path Forward

We’re staunch believers in the power of growth—it’s the fundamental core of Activate 19! We’ve talked for years about tearing down data silos, breaking astray from the “old ways” of doing things, and prioritizing the customer; the enhancements we’ve been making to our platform’s core enable the modern marketer to do precisely this.

As we look ahead toward the marketer’s needs of tomorrow, we truly believe the best path forward is powered through free access to data, ideas, and execution. We empower our customers to control their own journeys while expanding their marketing initiatives, and we do this by democratizing the components of growth.

Powerful growth programs are comprised of smart people, actionable data and steadfast execution of the overall organizational vision. Whether the focus is activating new customers through welcome experiences, nurturing customers toward purchases, or building long-term loyalty among your broader audience base, we’re your partner for powering world-class marketing. Stay tuned for more exciting Activate 19 recaps to come! 

Want to see how people, data, and execution come together with Iterable? Request a demo here and see it live! 

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