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Amplitude + Iterable: Customer Insights Made Actionable

Understanding your customers and their behavior is the first step to maximizing engagement throughout the lifecycle.

According to MarTech Today, “Ninety-four percent of marketers are focusing on their data and analytics capabilities, personalization technologies and customer profile data management capabilities to deliver personalized customer experiences.”

Knowing their customers’ intent, their daily habits, and how they perform over time can help modern marketers personalize the experience and build long-lasting relationships.

With the introduction of Iterable Insights and Workflow Analytics, we recognize the value of offering our customers intuitive ways to track behavior. Analyzing campaign performance and specific conversion points across the customer journey have been instrumental in the success of many of our clients.

But how can brands uncover deeper behavioral insights to drive even more engagement?

Enter Amplitude.

What is Amplitude?

Amplitude is the leading product intelligence company for analytics across web and mobile. Leading brands like DoorDash, Atlassian, and Calm rely on Amplitude to accelerate insights and improve critical metrics to better understand how users engage with a company’s product.

In the past, many brands have had a hard time tracking user behavior across platforms.

According to Amplitude’s blog, “Cross-platform analytics let you look at users who are moving from your native app to your mobile site to your desktop site, combine data from all those platforms to get a broad understanding of your user base’s behavior, and then dive into specific performance metrics on each.”

Amplitude solves a critical piece of the puzzle for Product teams: you can track engagement data across platforms and apply these insights to improve UX, prioritize new features, and build a better product.

At Iterable, we are thrilled to announce our latest partnership with Amplitude, which will help data-driven marketers and product teams gain deeper insights on engagement data throughout the customer lifecycle.

Who will benefit from the Amplitude + Iterable integration?

Like many companies, driving a seamless brand experience requires coordination between different teams.

MarTech Today reports, “With the knowledge and technology in place to provide more connected customer experiences, it’s vital that organizations structure themselves around the customer.”

Growth marketers, product managers, and technical teams can work together to take full advantage of Iterable’s integration with Amplitude for in-depth product analysis and behavioral analytics.

What can we expect from the Iterable + Amplitude partnership?

Iterable customers can now analyze cross-channel engagement metrics and Amplitude’s behavioral events for a comprehensive view of the customer.

Being able to visualize all of a brand’s integrated data is a huge game-changer to turn insights into action. Better targeting and improved personalization means more relevant messages, whether they’re sent via email, mobile push, SMS, in-app or other marketing channels.

Customers are required to have both Amplitude and Iterable accounts in order to get started. With the new integration, marketers can send Iterable campaign metrics directly to Amplitude via a preconfigured webhook.

A webhook can be triggered by any event, after which the webhook allows that data to route to another system or server for a corresponding action to occur. In this particular webhook, you can insert the API key from Amplitude into Iterable’s dashboard to route information accordingly.

With this 2-way integration, joint clients can now:

  • Leverage Iterable’s campaign metrics within Amplitude to better understand the engagement of a group over time with Amplitude’s cohort analysis tool.  You can also take cohort data from Amplitude and further analyze in Iterable. For instance, you can compare a group of users who attended a specific concert vs. the users who downloaded a song after attending the concert.
  • Incorporate Iterable engagement metrics into Amplitude to gather in-depth customer behavioral analytics, such as the impact on conversion rate, conversion path drop-offs, and critical factors that impact a repeat purchase.
  • Plug Iterable’s Workflow Analytics data into Amplitude to create retention graphs based on different re-engagement strategies by persona.
Amplitude Behavioral Cohort

Create behavioral cohorts in Amplitude for deeper customer insights…

Amplitude - Iterable list

…then sync cohort data from Amplitude to Iterable’s dynamic lists.

To take full advantage of the Iterable + Amplitude integration and to see it in action, sign up for a custom demo today.

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